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So much for lowering insurance costs. Great.


So much for insurance costs getting lowered. Great.


Didn’t I just write in my last blog entry, a few hours ago, that if health care insurance costs aren’t kept down, that none of that half-hearted “reform” is gonna work?


Well, as if the insurance companies weren’t already making enough profits…as if they already weren’t having legislation written on their behalf to force everyone to buy their worthless overpriced product from them, now they even have the balls to say they’re going to need more money?


If you’ve read any of my past blog entries on this, you know that I consider the health insurance companies to be the whole problem that health care reform is supposed to fix. And yet we end up with some scheme that basically extorts the American public into buying health insurance or else.


I mean, what is it about American health care that sucks that needs to be fixed in the first place? Well, insurance premiums are too high, insurance companies deny people life-saving care, and the insurance bureaucracy is drowning every hospital and doctor’s office in a mountain of paperwork. 


Also, drug companies are allowed to charge absolutely insane prices for their drugs, and they seem to have no shame at all in charging hundreds of dollars for a pill that wholesales for four.


(here’s a link to the Keith Olbermann article where his pharmacist tells him this.)


And yet our government is actually forbidden by law to negotiate drug prices for Medicare with those companies! Forbidden! And you know who wrote those laws–Congressmen with ties to the health insurance companies and the drug companies. 


If private enterprise was going to fix this problem, it would have done it already. It’s had plenty of time. But corporations aren’t persons, and they don’t feel guilty about ripping off humans. 


A corporation is like a shark–it is programmed to eat. It’s not programmed to care about the feelings of what it’s eating. That doesn’t make the shark (or the corporation) evil per se, but you still want to use reasonable caution when you have to deal with one.


I’ll say it again–I want a universal, single-payer system that covers everyone. Any system that caters to the desires of the health insurance industry is bound to fail. 


I mean, at what point do we quit calling health insurance a “service” and start calling it a “crime”? If people were paying reasonable premiums and reasonable rates for health care and there weren’t scores of people in America (with healthcare!) going bankrupt and losing homes over medical bills, then maybe health insurance could be called an “industry”. 


But they’re systematically ripping off people and killing people! Lots of people! What else do they have to do to cross that line?! When are we going to start calling it what it is? Let’s call it crime. Fraud. Murder. A colossal scam masquerading as a business. 


Here I’d like to quote a short passage from a Douglas Adams book, one of the “Hitchhiker’s Guide” series, and I can’t remember which one, don’t have copies of them at hand so I can’t quote it verbatim, but the jist of it was this:


“I hear they’re giving the death penalty to insurance agents now.”

“For what crime?”

“What do you mean, what crime?”


I like that.