About Lucky

Hey y’all. 

I’m a musician and organic farmer here on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I’ve got two dogs and six guinea pigs.

Yeah, I’m a crazy guinea pig lady; my daughter wanted a couple, and then a couple more, and now I’m taking care of a bunch of glorified rat-hamsters. (Don’t tell them I said that.)

I used to be one of those cranky people writing letters to the editor. I moved to Hawaii and the paper here hardly ever prints letters, and I hardly ever buy the paper anymore anyway. So I either had to become a blogger or rant and rave at the tv and my family.

I’m not a celebrity or a famous person in any way. I’m nobody, dude. Damn near invisible. I don’t expect that to change. 

Hardly anybody even reads this blog…I’m tempted to change the name of it to Nobody Reads This Blog (but I bet someone already has that name)…


I mostly write things from a left-wing perspective but I’m an independent, like a lot of Americans. The Democratic party doesn’t always speak for me or my interests, but the Republicans won’t even give pretend to give a crap most of the time. 

Chris Chandler said it best, “I don’t know about all this left wing, right wing stuff…anytime I’ve ever seen something with only one wing it usually flies in circles until it crashes to the ground.”

I’d like to see my kids and grandkids grow up in a country where we have enough socialism to have health care and a minimum standard of living for everyone, and still have enough capitalism around to motivate us to work hard and try to get ahead. Is that such a bad idea?


3 responses to “About Lucky

  1. OK, Lucky, so fill this page out a bit. Where do you live at least – if not city, then state, or at least country. And maybe a sentence about why you are writing this. There’s some interesting posts, let us have something to connect them to. 🙂

  2. pnwbetteru

    Lucky said she lives in Hawaii.

  3. I found you via your post on God’s Own Party. I started a WP blog, and then was roped into running a lWP multi user blog that took 18 hours a day.

    So now I just leave comments here and there. I have 8 dogs and no Guinea pigs, have been a sculptor for 25 years – the past 5 have me settled in New Mexico.

    South, near Texas, for the winter – and north, near Taos, for the summer. Never married, always wore a raincot, but I have 2 nieces that I want to live and love in a better nation than I did.

    Be well –

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