Breckinridge Colorado legalizes cannabis


Breckinridge, CO legalizes cannabis!

If you’re in the mood to go skiiing, you might want to consider hanging out in Breckinridge, Colorado. They just totally legalized pot and paraphernalia.

Of course, it’s still not legal according to state law. You’ll still get in trouble if you’re caught driving stoned (although I don’t know how they’d prove that, unless you’re actually toking up in the car). Breckinridge is just this little small town (pop. 3000), so a local ordinance like that doesn’t really have any effect if you get busted by state cops or DEA or something.

But hey! The good citizens of Breckinridge not only made pot legal, and paraphernalia legal, they chose to make it legal for everyone, not just medical patients. Not any of this sorta-kinda-maybe legal stuff. They actually had the balls to just go ahead take that big step.

Hurray for Breckinridge! Maybe if enough little places in America turn sane like this, we can have a real “land of the free and home of the brave”.


One response to “Breckinridge Colorado legalizes cannabis

  1. The Government would be making lots of tax Money to ease the burden.
    They would have more money to go after the scum bags into the hard core stuff.
    Thank you

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