Even more compromises on health care



Aak! I saw a brief quote from this in my newspaper a few minutes ago and went to the net to look for the story.


This article says that the White House will not–that’s not–commit to a health care bill that would cap insurance premiums. Yeah, I had to read it twice, too.


Instead of helping regular people by insisting that the insurance be reasonably priced, they’d rather side with the insurance guys and insist that they be able to charge whatever the heck they want for premiums.


I coulda swore that Obama mentioned “affordable” care. How ya gonna make sure it’s affordable for anyone when the insurance premiums are already sky high and the insurance industry is free to hike them up even more?


Obama also will not–that’s not–demand a final bill with a public option to drive down costs through competition. 


“There will be compromise. There will be legislation, and it will achieve our goals: helping people who have insurance get more security, more accountability for the insurance industry, helping people who don’t have insurance get insurance they can afford, and lowering the overall cost of the system,” White House adviser David Axelrod said.


“There will be compromise.” No kidding. There’s been nothing but compromise from the very beginning, when our leaders wouldn’t even consider single-payer. 


They still claim that the new legislation will have more accountability for the insurance industry, but if they’ve already ruled out capping insurance premiums then I don’t have a lot of hope for that goal. Same for the goal of helping people to get insurance they can afford. I don’t think those guys in Washington have a clue what we can “afford”. 






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