Department of Justice finally shows common sense


Department of Justice memo advises leniency on medical marijuana.


Like a cool breeze wafting in the window unexpectedly, we got refreshing surprise today.


The Department of Justice sent out this memo telling federal prosecutors to leave medical marijuana patients alone, as long as they are clearly complying with the medical marijuana laws in their state.


At last! Sanity! Common sense! (*gets up and does little dance*)


And, if you’re into state’s rights, it’s good, too. About time the federal government recognized the rights of states. 


The text of the memo can be found here, and it does say that this is not an effort to legalize marijuana by any means, and federal prosecutors are still instructed to prosecute marijuana cases that are not medical cases. 


If you’re following the laws of your state, sticking to the amount of pot and plants you’re supposed to have, not selling pot to minors, don’t own a gun, not committing acts of violence, laundering money, selling other illegal drugs, etc, then you are now officially too much trouble to prosecute. Yay!





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