It’s not just me. The helicopters really are that bad.


See? It’s not just me.


I wrote a piece called Those Durned Helicopters after the helicopters flew over our place last time; now in the weekly free paper (the Big Island Weekly) here’s a story about the ACLU getting in the act.


Well, they didn’t, like, file a lawsuit or anything. They wrote a two-page letter to County Council’s Committee on Public Safety and Parks & Recreation. They basically told them that the helicopter flyovers are violating individual’s privacy as well as violating state law by targeting legal medical marijuana patients.


Ok, a letter. It’s not much. But it’s nice to see that the ACLU does something besides just send out junk mail asking for donations.


I thought the helicopters were bad over here in our neighborhood. But in this article, a local resident complains that the helicopters hovered “10 feet” above her house before landing on a private road nearby. 


She probably didn’t actually have a tape measure handy, so that might not be a real accurate number, but it wouldn’t surprise me. It seemed like when they were flying this time that they were flying even lower and more annoying than they ever were before.


Usually, when the helicopters land, it’s because they’re getting ready to rappel down on a rope and cut the plants. We’ve actually watched them doing this in the past (no, not to us). It seems a little weird that the helicopter landed and didn’t cut down anything. 


If you were a local, you’d notice that the helicopter landed near Pohoiki. Now, Pohoiki is the local beach, and just happens to be right near where a lot of hippies live. Makes me wonder why they picked that spot. Was it a warning to the locals or just a convenient place to take a break?


Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but I can’t help but wonder if this round of helicopters isn’t a kind of retaliation against the voters for passing the Low Priority Ordinance. The Low Priority Ordinance orders the county to make marijuana eradication the lowest priority for law enforcement.


The Lo Pri law was passed with 54% of the vote. (Or was it 56%?) Some people were skeptical that the lo pri law would do anything; but I think it does. It proves that there’s a (majority) voting bloc in this area. Sure the cops could thumb their nose at the new ordinance, but there’s still 54% of the people who would be pissed off.


Our police chief, Mr. Harry Kubojiri, denied that police are targeting medical marijuana patients, but the ACLU refers to an incident in which 


the DEA and HCPD “flew over one resident’s home four times, landed in his neighbor’s yard, and spent well over an hour hovering just a dozen feet above his home.” DEA and HCPD had raided that same resident’s home in September 2008, despite the resident’s full compliance with Hawaii’s medical marijuana laws”.


The ACLU goes on to note that there was no warrant produced to this date and that they broke down a fence and seized his marijuana. 


Police Chief Kubojiri claims that they are not targeting medical marijuana patients, but says that he would not direct his officers to ignore any marijuana that they might “come across” while doing other things.


“Oh, look, this helicopter flew right over this house 5 or 6 times and we happened to find some marijuana there! Of all things! Oh my!”



And yes, just for emphasis and the heck of it, here’s the link to my song, Get That Helicopter Out My Sky.








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