Crooked cops finally get some karma


A Florida police officer shakes down a pot grower for money in exchange for not busting him.


Yes! Finally! A cop gets caught doing this!


The reason I’m so glad to see it is that I’ve heard stories about cops using their authority to shake down cannabis growers so many times, it’s refreshing to finally see one of those crooked cops getting in trouble for it.


In this particular story, the cop came by in plain clothes with his badge and his gun. The officer wanted some money, and even told the grower who had turned him in! (Ponder that, snitches!)


The grower gave him some money and later told someone else about what had happened. The person he told the story to contacted the authorities about it. (Now, there’s some good neighbors!)


I imagine if the grower himself had tried to turn him in, he’d have just got busted himself, obviously.


There’s no telling how many cops have gotten away with this crap before this story. Sometimes they don’t ask for money, they just take the crop and disappear, saying “Oh, you’re lucky, we’re not charging you with anything today.” Course not, ‘cuz then they’d have to actually produce that pot in court instead of saving it for themselves to smoke or sell.


It’s kinda like when the Rodney King beating got caught on tape…of course everyone that lived around there knew good and well that the cops beat people, but no one else would have believed it if it hadn’t showed up on video.


Maybe justice still exists somewhere. Here’s some hope and change I can believe in!


One response to “Crooked cops finally get some karma

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