Faiths turned hate cults




Whatever they might have been in the beginning, both Christianity and Islam have turned into hate cults.


When you read a little of their histories, both faiths started out with good intentions and a sense of brotherhood with their fellow man. Both were improvements on what came before them. They were progressive religions for their time, when they started.


Centuries go by and they get all established and they have regular buildings and money and hierarchies and established holy books and holidays and all the extra rules and traditions and superstitions and crap that seems to attach to a religion after time, like barnacles clinging to the bottom of a boat.


(Do y’all know if there is any religion this hasn’t happened to? Just wondering, haven’t studied them all.)


Now anytime you hear of either Islam or Christianity doing anything, it’s some action based on hate. Islam’s got its suicide bombers and roadside bombers and Christianity’s got its doctor killers and wannabe domestic terrorists. 


I used to be a Christian. I was one of those annoying Christians who would come up to you and ask if you knew Jesus. Yeah, one of those. (I apologize. I’m better now.) So I’ve heard a few sermons in my time.


It’s amazing how much of an “Amen” them preachers would get once they start talking about how all the homosexuals are going to hell. Gets the crowd all fired up. That “blessed be the peacemakers” crap just doesn’t do it for them.


And it’s not just the gays that they bash on. Uppity women get it too, or at least they used to in the church I went to when I was a kid. (Of course, I was raised in Oklahoma and I’m pushing 50. They might have softened up some since then.) Boy did they ever drill that “wives submit to your husbands” verse into our heads. I never want to hear that damn Bible verse again. And they made sure to tell us that it was a sin (with no book/chapter/verse reference, of course) for white people to marry black people. (“Why?” “It just is.”)


But you gotta understand that there’s variation in different Christian churches. They’ve all got their different little quirks and beliefs and just because one weirdshit church somewhere believes some Biblically unsupported belief about marriage, or race, or the devil, or how the end of the world is supposed to happen, doesn’t mean that all Christians are into that. 


I suspect Islam may be similar. I haven’t spent any time in any mosques. Feel free to comment and enlighten me but don’t send me any links to any Islamic websites ‘cuz I might need to get on a plane someday! ;-)


I know I should probably be all politically correct when I’m talking about Islam but every time I hear about anything they do, they’re bombing something or oppressing their women or destroying some ancient art in the name of Allah or some other horrible thing. I can’t help it. It makes me take a hard right turn. I hate those fucking ragheads. Maybe it’s a terrible attitude. But there it is. 


Even before 9/11, I used to read this feminist paper and every time I would get it, I mean every time, there would be some new atrocity that the Taliban was doing in Afghanistan. The women couldn’t go out without a male escort. They couldn’t work. They couldn’t show a damn ankle. They couldn’t wear loud shoes. Then the Taliban wouldn’t let people listen to recorded music, or fly kites…it just went on and on. It made me so damn mad I just wanted to pick up an AK-47 myself and go over there and waste their asses. 


I remember a picture of a woman in America dressed up in a burka with a sign protesting the $43 million dollars we gave the Taliban that year. That was before 9/11, so no one cared. Then the twin towers got dropped and suddenly Bush acted lilke they were bombing Afghanistan ‘cuz they were suddenly so concerned about Afghanistan’s women. As if.


Ok, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be going off on a hate rant, especially when I’m talking about religions turning into hate cults. But since I have put that little part in there, I think when I post this I’ll put in some tags like “ragheads” or something like that, and I’ll see if it makes more people read this article. Building popularity off of hate seems to be working for these religions, why not my blog? But I kinda hope it doesn’t work. If that was the only way I could get people to read this blog, then I probably oughta just quit.


But religions, being human made systems that outlive their makers, may not enjoy such self-consciousness and therefore won’t necessarily recognize their mistakes or correct them. 


You know, if there was such a thing as Satan, I would be inclined to believe that he had personally infiltrated those religions just to ruin them. I mean, think about it–if you were the Prince of Darkness and you wanted to erase Jesus’s message from the memory of humanity, you could promote the worship of Jesus (and his mom, and his friends and whoever else) as a diversion and layer the religion in ritual and bullshit until no one even remembers what the heck Jesus ever said. 


You can see this same thing happening today in the press–for instance, on Martin Luther King Jr. day, notice how they practically worship Dr. King but they don’t repeat more than a few token lines of anything he said. “I have a dream” is nice and poetic and today sounds non-threatening. You won’t be hearing any of his quotes about poor people or the Vietnam war. You won’t be hearing any advice about how to run a boycott or a peaceful demonstration. But he’s got his own day! 


“I have a dream…that someday all the government workers will get a day off in January…”


Sooo…if Satan had taken over Christianity, and perhaps Islam as well, wouldn’t it make sense to completely abandon those religions and start over? Just saying…maybe you should ask yourself if your church smells like brimstone.


Or you could go all apostate like me. I recommend it.


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