“Sarah Palin” wants to kill Medicare

September 9–


“Sarah Palin” wants to kill Medicare


I know I wrote a piece on here awhile back imagining how maybe a Republican like Sarah Palin could pass some form of health care reform, but I should have known it was a doomed idea.


I have lots of doomed ideas. No harm in putting them out there, though.


Anyway, here’s a link to an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal that’s written under Sarah Palin’s name that comes right out and says that she wants to provide Medicare recipients with vouchers to buy private insurance. You know what that means. No more Medicare. 


Of course, there’s some speculation that Sarah Palin isn’t even writing the pieces being put out under her name, and I have to agree that this piece in the WSJ really doesn’t sound like her. But it doesn’t matter anyway–if she’s allowing people to put out that idea under her name, then that means that she agrees with it or isn’t smart enough to disagree with it publicly.


Talk about yer death panels fer Grandma. Here they come and they’re called Private Insurance.


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