I’m disappointed and unsurprised. Aarrgh.

Sep 9–


Just read the transcript of the Pres’s speech.


They’re gonna require us to have health insurance, the way they require us to have auto insurance.


I’m sure I probably won’t have to pay for any health insurance myself; I’m already on the government health care program for poor people. My business doesn’t make much money, and it sounds like it would have to get a lot more profitable before I’d be required to buy any insurance.


But, dammit! Now we’re going to be required  (I assume that means there’s a fine or some other consequence involved) to buy health insurance from the same sons-of-bitches that are bleeding us dry in the health care market now!

So much for “reform”–instead of doing something for regular people, it ends up being another racket to hand money to the same old elites. Why am I not surprised.


Ok, it doesn’t sound all bad…supposedly the insurance companies won’t be allowed to continue with their worst practices, like refusing people for pre-existing conditions and whatnot.


I’m still really underwhelmed. And kinda disappointed. And thinking of cuss words that I really shouldn’t be writing on here. 


Someone needs to teach Barack Obama about negotiating tactics. When you negotiate with someone about something, you don’t give them your best offer first. You start with what you would ideally want, maybe even a little more than what you want, so that the other party has some room to whittle down your demands in the negotiating process. 


The Republicans have shown all too loudly that they’ll reject any Democratic offer, on any issue, out of hand at the first. So the Democrats need to learn to ask for more when discussing any issue. Want a public option? Better at least demand single payer. 


The right wing will call Barack Obama a socialist no matter what he does, so why worry about appearing conservative? 


(Isn’t it funny how they’ll also call him a “fascist” at the same time? It’s like calling your pet a “cat-dog”. )


Sigh. Carry on, Mr. President. I’m sure whatever y’all pass has got to be better than doing nothing. But I’m not real happy. Heavy sigh.


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