Goodbye Ted Kennedy



Aug 28–


Me and my husband were sitting around watching the news on tv and he remarked that Ted Kennedy’s death seemed to be getting more press than if an ex-president had died or something.


I think some of it has to do with it just being a slow news week. Plus, he’s been dying for a while now so everyone’s had plenty of time to assemble all their film clips and stuff.


But it’s nice to see all the things being said about the bills he worked to pass and the causes he championed. When some politicians die, you don’t hear so much about what they did politically, if their record was backward or embarrassing, or else it will be mentioned but politely glossed over. I don’t think this is because of some supposed media bias–it’s more like the way people speak politely of the newly deceased out of respect for their families and mourners, talking about the good things and playing down the bad. That’s as it should be.


So it’s nice that Kennedy can actually have nice things said about him, especially his career of passing legislation favorable to the less powerful. 


I don’t really like rich people generally but you’ve got to admit that at least the Kennedy clan has some class. They know what noblesse oblige means. 


wikipedia entry for noblesse oblige


If you were really rich, what would you do with the money?



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