A good but unpopular reason for keeping our current health care system


Aug 28–


Ya know, there is one real good reason to leave our health care system the way it is. I hate to even mention it, but here goes.


I have two words for you: population control.


I mean, if we come up with some kind of plan for covering everyone’s health care, we’re likely to save the lives of some people who would have otherwise died under our current system. More people will live. Less people will die.


Which sounds good until you wonder how many people we can really support–I mean, planetary-wise, not on just a national level. 


Think of the benefits of just having less people. Less pollution. Less traffic. More open spaces. In theory, there’d be more resources around for everyone’s who’s left, except we all know that’s not how resources get distributed–you could probably kill everyone in America except for 10 people and you know there’d still be one or two assholes who would end up owning 80% of everything.


You can see why no one wants to trot out this reason for keeping our current system. It’s barbaric to talk about letting some people die. Some of the more sensational Republican players are trying to get attention by accusing the Obama administration of planning to kill people by rationing care, which is so ironic when you consider that’s what the current system is doing. (“OMG! Obama wants to kill your grandma ‘cuz we’re not doing it fast enough!”)


When I hear of older people, who are probably on Medicare, showing up at town hall meetings screaming about how they don’t want any damn government-run health care system, I start to wonder if there isn’t a certain logic in letting some of these people do without. 


I start to wonder if maybe we shouldn’t wait until a certain percentage of baby boomers just kick off. Then when the yelling dies down and the ones that are left don’t bitch and scream when some politician tries to do them a favor, then maybe we could have a nice, national health care system.


But that’s really unfair. For every red-faced idiot with a sign protesting his own health care, there’s a lot of other more reasonable people who would like a well-run health care system. Unfortunately, reasonable people are usually quieter and don’t tend to jump in front of cameras to dominate the national conversation. 


(If you’re making any assumptions about whether I have health care or whether I’m a baby boomer, I’ll tell you…I’m on the tail end of the boomer era, I have “health insurance” but it’s the bare bones stuff they give to the poorest people, and it’s so hard to get to see a doctor here that I’ve basically given up going to a doctor for anything except for emergencies, or whatever my kid might need. So, yeah, I’m just as vulnerable as a lot of y’all. I could totally end up in the pool of designated dead people.)


The prolifers should be all up in arms that our current system is killing people, but all they care about are the unborn. You don’t see groups of Christians protesting outside of health insurance companies about the needless deaths of some of their customers. 


But then, Americans don’t usually value their old people much. Or their kids. Or their homeless. Come to think of it, you could probably sum up the whole American dream in the phrase, “I’ve got mine, screw you”. 


So I think, on some level, people know that our current system is screwed up and it’s killing people–but as long as it’s not you personally or someone you know, you might not really care.




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