Maybe you shouldn’t read this.


August 26–

It’s a good thing not too many people read this blog ‘cuz I’m gonna write something that might piss someone off.


I’ve been reading various stuff about the economy. Foreclosures. Shrinking wages. Unions as an endangered species. All kinds of people losing all their stuff.


I sympathize with people losing their homes, I really do. I’ve been poor pretty much all my adult life and have occasionally been residence-challenged.


But my husband did something that most people don’t do. He bought land without going into debt.


As a matter of fact, both of us have actually been fortunate to have a practically non-existent credit rating. Our money flow is chronically low and uncertain and we’ve never really qualified for any kind of credit. 


So we just stayed out of debt, pretty much. When his dad kicked him some money to buy a place to live, instead of putting something down and getting a mortgage, he bought his first piece of land outright.


And he did the same thing with the house we got after we sold that place.


And then he did the same thing with the land we bought out here. We had just enough money left over to build a house (well, most of it, anyway).


Maybe you can tell where this is going. (Have I pissed you off yet?)


I suppose if we’d tried harder we could have scored a credit card somewhere, but we just both dreaded having that monthly payment to come up with all the time, so we just bought things if we could afford them and did without if we couldn’t.


People acted like we were crazy. They’d tell us how great credit cards were. When we went looking for our house, our friend who was a real estate agent kept showing us houses we couldn’t afford, and she’d say, “Oh, you can make payments,” and we’d say, “Uh, no, we can’t,” and we held out until we could find something without getting a mortgage.


So, now, at long last, the bubble has burst and the economy is no longer a magical place where money just comes to you. People are losing their houses and cars. “Gloom, despair and agony on me!”


(Cue the scary music and the black and white images of the ’30s.)


Our family is still pretty durn poor, and we still stress out about money, but we’re not in debt, (except for a grand we still owe to the electric company for hooking up power), and we still own our land outright regardless of what it’s supposed market value is. 


So how crazy are we now??!?


♩♫We’re not in de – ebt! Neener, neener, neener!!!♫♩ (gets up from computer and does little dance)


Ok, I bet some of y’all are pissed off now. Sorry. I just had to do that once.



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