How much of what we see is real?



Aug 24–


Whenever I saw Orly Taitz showing up on the Internet, someone had left a comment somewhere saying that she looked like a character out of Saturday Night Live, and someone else suggested that maybe she was an Obama plant to discredit the right wing, and especially the “birther” movement.


I mean, come on, look at her…the fake looking hair/wig, the impossibly thick accent, the drag queen eyelashes…hell, that could be Brad Pitt or one of the Wayans brothers under there and we’d never know the difference, would we? Maybe some of those underemployed actors and actresses in Southern California who claim to be doing porn are actually working for the government.


When I see or hear of some of the crazy shit being put out by the right wing, I start to wonder how much of it is real. 


You’ve heard of agent provocateurs, right? Whenever a demonstration goes wrong and some yahoo breaks a window or does some other crap that makes everyone else look bad, it will get blamed later on agents provocateurs.  And maybe it is. Or maybe it’s just some idiot screwing up. Sometimes it’s hard to tell unless you catch someone at it or they admit to it.


Of course, historically agent provocateurs are generally people who do violent stuff. But deception doesn’t have to be violent. You can discredit a movement just by making them look stupid.


Just consider: the Republicans have been using dirty tactics in politics for years. Whisper campaigns. Swift boating. The left would cry “foul” but the damage would already be done. 


Plenty of people have been saying for a while that maybe the left should start throwing their mud right back at them. Why not? Being all polite and soft spoken and intellectual sounding just makes you look wussy. 


A smart well-funded left wing think tank, or some other such group, could easily fund a few dozen actors here and there, or (dare I say) a few bloggers to put out a few rumors. 


I’m available. Just saying.


I could start a separate blog for every hare brained scheme I could come up with. And it would be interesting to see which ones catch on as urban legends, or political rumors.


The funny part would be to watch the reaction of the other right wing pundits and politicians. Would they denounce such rumors as such or would they just go along with it? How would they know for sure which stories were put out by real right wing true believers and which ones were put out by fakers? 


Like how about this…a staffer from the office of Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, who wished to remain anonymous, has provided a copy of an email which is addressed to several lawmakers from both parties, revealing that the entire health care debate is a sham and that there are no plans to implement any reform of health care until a significant number of baby boomers have died off.


Or how about…Republican Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma announced today that because his constituents are overwhelmingly against government run health care, that all Medicare in Oklahoma will be suspended beginning October 1. “We hope all states will follow our example and refuse to participate in this socialist program.”


I could even come right out in my real blog and tell people that I’m starting rumors on fake blogs and they probably wouldn’t believe it’s fake. Kinda like when Orson Welles did War of the Worlds on the radio and even though he warned everyone at the beginning that it was fiction, everyone freaked out anyway thinking it was real. 


Or I could not start any rumors or fake blogs and then just tell people that I started some of the rumors already floating around the Internet.


I’m not sure I have the spare time or the energy to do all that, though. 


At least not for free.



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