Sherry Johnston is the face of America


Aug 20–


I was going to stay out of the whole Sarah Palin Show going on in Blogdom, but after reading about Sherry Johnston’s conviction for dealing Oxycontin I just had to write something.


here’s a couple of links:

Sherry Johnston pleads guilty


Levi Johnston’s mom pleads guilty



Sherry’s in jail awaiting sentencing. Supposedly (see this ) the prosecutors couldn’t arrange a plea bargain while Sarah Palin was governor, because Sarah was pushing for Sherry to get the maximum sentence possible. If true, it would be the bitchiest thing that Sarah Palin has done to date.


(But, to see the other side for a sec, if Sarah had intervened to give Sherry a light sentence, people would be jumping on her claiming that she’s looking to give preferential treatment to a (kinda sorta) family member. Ya know, like when it came out that Daddy Bush had gotten W. out of Vietnam and into a nice safe National Guard spot, of course we all get bent out of shape about that, but at least he was trying to protect his kid…seems like using one’s position to wreck someone’s life is a lot worse.)


She unknowingly made three sales to undercover informants. According to the stories I’m finding, the only time they mention how much money she made was $800. 


Her plea agreement calls for her to be sentenced to 5 years in prison, with two years suspended. Then she has to be on 3 years of probation after prison.


Over $800 worth of pain pills. We’re going to pay to lock this woman up for 5 years over $800. That wouldn’t pay most people’s bills for a month.


The amount of money we’ll pay to put this woman away would make that $800 look like nothing.


But it’s worse than that. Sherry Johnston has two pain pumps implanted in her body to deliver medication because she suffers a rare condition involving scurvy and chronic pelvic pain from previous surgeries. She had been getting professional pain relief treatment but she started having problems when her insurer refused to pay for her medication.


Now, I don’t know all her medical details. I don’t know if the Oxycontin was from her prescription or she got it somewhere else or what. I don’t even know if she’d appreciate me guessing about her life. But it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Oxycontin had been originally her attempt to treat her own pain condition. If her insurer wasn’t paying for her pills anymore, it didn’t make her pain go away. 


What do you think Americans do when they get in this situation? Maybe some people will politely just curl into a fetal position and suffer in silence, but most people will holler and cry and scream until that doesn’t work, and then they will start looking for some other way to deal with pain. 


They’ll drink alcohol, or they’ll smoke pot, or they’ll take some pills they have laying around from some previous medical condition (yes, lots of people save their leftover pills for just such emergencies). Or they’ll go looking for something stronger.


According to this link,


Sherry may be able to serve her sentence at home. I certainly hope so. She’s a victim of both the War on Drugs and the failed American health care system, in addition to her medical problems and bitchy celebrity relatives.



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    I agree!

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