Will Obama kill all the old people?




August 5–


Have you noticed…?


When Newt Gingrich was speaker of the House of Reps, back in, what was it, 96? 97?, I remember once when he was railing against public television, of all things, and he was implying that there was some kind of content on there that was obscene and not suitable for family viewing (and therefore, implying that they shouldn’t be funded, etc). 


Funny thing about that. I’d never noticed anything remotely obscene on public television…until he made those statements…and then I remember seeing some lewd stuff on some show on PBS. It was almost as if they had been ordered to sex up the content instead of toning it down.


Remember in ’93 when the Clintons tried to reform health care and didn’t really make it? There was all this scare talk from the right wing and the insurance lobbyists. “Oo, they won’t let you choose your doctor or your hospital! Be scared!” So, no meaningful health care reform that year.


Funny thing about that. After all this complaining about how the evil Clintons would take away our choice of doctors and hospitals, then it seems like the HMO’s started telling people what doctors they could go to. As if the Republicans had requested that such a thing happen.


(I’m not suggesting that they made these things happen, I’m just saying it sure is coincidental. They warn us about something those Democrats might do and then it happens anyway.)


Consider George W. Bush and the No Child Left Behind act, that left children behind and underfunded their schools. And how about Homeland Security? How insecure have we been since that’s been around? 


So, now the nutwing of the Republican party is spreading a rumor that Obama’s health care plan will kill old people. 


See where this is going? Should I looking to move to another country for my golden years?


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