Screaming teabaggers

August 5–

To the Town Hall Teabaggers


I’ve heard where there’s groups of people disrupting town hall meetings that congressmen have been trying to hold across the country.


No one’s fooled, are they? We can all tell that they’re right wingers. They don’t want any health care reform to pass. They’d rather foam at the mouth and scream about Obama’s birth certificate and call anything they don’t like “socialism”, when they have no idea what that word even means.


Just an aside here: I see these right-wingers being called “teabaggers” on left-wing websites and I’m kinda wondering if they actually call themselves that…or if they know that other people are calling them that. I believe it came from their penchant for calling themselves “tea-party patriots” or something like that. So, ya know, if you’re in the “tea party”, maybe you owe it to yourself to look it up on Urban Dictionary before you inadvertently call yourself a teabagger.


here’s the link:




So, if you’ve read any of my blog, you know I’m not real happy with the “sorta-kinda” health reform that’s been proposed, and I’d rather go for the single payer option…but that’s just me. I’m not the whole nation. It’s probably appropriate that there be some discussion about it with the public. 


But it’s kinda hard to have any kind of discussion when there’s idiots planted in every meeting to throw a well-timed tantrum. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves. 


And it’s not just embarrassing that they’re jumping up and screaming nonsense in the middle of adults trying to have a meeting. To me it looks like these teabaggers are really screaming, “I demand the right to be ripped off! How dare you tell my insurance company to treat me decently and not charge too much for drugs! Waaaa! Socialism!!!” 


(Reminds me of when the idiot California voters got rid of their governor and brought in Arnold…seems like it boiled down to them being mad that their governor wanted to get back their Enron money for them, and they demanded the right to get ripped off! )


Funny how you don’t see lines of people screaming “Socialism!” at the car dealerships protesting the “cash for clunkers” program. 


Are any of those people sending back their social security checks, complaining of socialism? Are they completely doing without food stamps, medicare, police and fire services? Do they go everywhere off road in their jeeps so they won’t drive on our commie roads? Do they get their mail somewhere other than the US Post Office?


See, socialism is supposed to be about government taking care of people. Now, none of us want our government coddling us or telling us what to do when we’re not bothering anybody. And I agree. But if we’re paying taxes anyway, shouldn’t we get something for that money? Is it really that bad to expect that maybe some of those government projects should benefit us once in awhile?


Take the “cash for clunkers” program. There’s a simple program designed to help real people get cars. (Too bad it’s only for people who can afford to lay out the rest of the money for a new car, otherwise I’d so be taking advantage of it right now.) But it’s fairly easy to understand, and I haven’t heard a word of protest about it. Haven’t heard of a single person turning down that trade-in money because they didn’t believe Obama had a real birth certificate. 


If those bank bailouts had instead been diced up and handed out to regular people, do you think they’d have hollered about socialism? Hell no. Come to think of it, when George W Bush instituted that teeny economic stimulus payment of a few hundred dollars last year, I don’t remember anyone bitching about it. How about that. 



One response to “Screaming teabaggers

  1. bassackwards

    Hee, hee, hee. Obama and crew are getting a little taste of “community organizing.” Sucks to be them.

    Guess what? The only person to blame is Obama and his crappy leadership. He holds all the cards and he can’t even get his own party to back him. So apparently campaigning is a whole lot different than governing.

    And the tea party folks? Fringe? Noootttt. Check out Zogby and Rasmussen. People don’t want this stoopid plan. So I guess the majority of Americans are “the mob.”

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