Answering some questions about medical marijuana


July 28–


I wrote a blog entry a while back about medical marijuana, and since then I’ve been seeing these records of searches that were made on that were somehow linked to my article and I think maybe I should clear a few things up for some people.


I’m looking at my dashboard, and next to “top searches” I keep seeing stuff about the medical marijuana article. It looks like someone’s trying to use it to make comments or ask questions without just, ya know, making comments. But anyway.


One of the questions I noticed on there which I found kinda disturbing was “can you apply for medical marijuana under a fictitious name?”–so I feel obligated to say something. Not just no, but hell no. Don’t even think about it. You have to show a photo ID when you apply, so your name better be your real true official name. 


Please, whoever wrote that, don’t screw up the system by trying to scam it. The whole point of my article is that medical marijuana programs encourage people to be honest and truthful in their dealings with the state in this matter. Now, don’t get me wrong; I think marijuana should really be legal for every adult just for the heck of it; and I think we’ll get to that point eventually. But there has already been a hell of a fight just to get it legal for sick people in a handful of states, and if prohibition gets worse instead of better, it’ll be the sick people who do without first. At least we’ve gotten a significant portion of the voting population to agree that sick people ought to have it. Let’s not ruin a good thing by being scammers.


I wouldn’t go to get my medical marijuana license until I had a good medical reason to go in and get it. I could have just gone to some doctor and lied about some imaginary condition, of course, but I didn’t. It just doesn’t seem right. I suppose prohibition isn’t really right either, but it’s just a damn shame when our dealings with other people aren’t based on the truth. Isn’t there enough of that lying hypocritical crap going on already?


(Maybe that’s just the human condition–humans lie and do stupid cruel stuff to each other for no good reason–and we all put up with it the best way we can. Sigh. People suck.)


Another “search comment” I found on my dashboard said “out of state residents need medical pot too what can be done”. This one kinda breaks my heart. I don’t know what to tell anyone on this. You could just move to a medical marijuana state. If you live in a state that has no medical marijuana, you may still be able to find marijuana somewhere, illegally, of course; but that’s a hard thing for sick people to do, go hang out at some concert or nude beach hoping to run into a pot dealer when you don’t really fit in with that hippie/reggae or whatever crowd. 


I’ve had that problem, where people wouldn’t offer me any pot because I just didn’t look like a typical stoner. After they’d find out different they’d say, “Gee, we thought you were a narc or something,” and to this day I’ve never figured out what it is about me that makes people think that. So, if you don’t look like a pothead, you might have a harder time finding pot. 


So here’s a note to you pot-hating authorities: would you want your gray haired grandma to have to hang out with a bunch of criminals just to get her glaucoma medicine? Isn’t it better when normal people can get pot in nice, normal, upfront ways?


But I digress. If you’re looking for medical marijuana, good luck. Welcome to the long struggle for freedom. I wish I had better answers. 



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