CA to legalize pot–what’s the small print?



dinkyYeah, I’ve heard this story a bunch of times now. California’s gonna legalize pot and tax it so’s they can fix their budget problems.

I’m a stoner, so I’m into it. About time it was legalized somewhere. But the link above is the only story I’ve found where they actually tell you that one little detail that most of the stories leave out.

That detail is this: how much is the tax, anyway?

I kept asking this question and only today found out. Take a deep breath. Sit down.

It’s $50 an ounce. Just for the tax. 

Am I the only one who thinks this is excessive? $50 an ounce? Are they kidding? Are they planning to balance the whole budget just on pot taxes alone?

Maybe they figure the potheads won’t ask that question, and they’ll just be happy with some form of legalization, even if the taxes are insanely high.

I’m sure someone will point out that $50 is the cost of an eighth in many places, but if marijuana is legalized, the cost of an ounce may very well go down when there is more pot on the market.

Better than prohibition, I guess. Sigh.

(Where was that “land of the free” again? Just dreaming.)


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