Dear Mr. President: Please get booed again

June 20th

Read in the paper the other day (yeah, some of us still read papers) that Barack Obama got booed by a few members of the AMA when he said that he wouldn’t support limits on awards in malpractice suits.

Now I’m slightly encouraged.

Mr. President: as far as the health care issue is concerned, the more often you get booed by members of the health care establishment, the better.

You’re going to have to make some people mad. Whether you go whole hog and start (at least) suggesting single payer health care, or even if you take some tiny compromise step that pretends to fix the problem but doesn’t, you’re going to make some enemies.

(So, hey, ya know, if you’re gonna piss someone off anyway, why not go whole hog and do single payer health care? Just saying…)

Next target: insurance companies. Make an effort to get booed again. Get up in the morning and remind yourself of the rising prices, and the suffering and dying people, and the houses being foreclosed on because the family had unpayable medical bills. Let it sit in your head for a little bit until you find yourself beginning to snarl just a little. Then ask yourself, how can I ruin the day for those private insurance parasites?

Of course you’ll do it in a nice, smiley, politiciany kinda way, and that’s one of the things we like about you. But do it. If this ends with a bunch of insurance guys smiling and clapping you on the back, you’ve done something wrong.

That was the Clintons’ mistake–they smiled and got along with all the parties involved. Don’t do that.

Private insurance companies are the problem, and they’re all too willing to make it look like they’re cooperating while they steer you away from any real reform that would take their hands out of our pockets.

It’s nice when people like you, and you’re a likable guy. But this is a job for a warrior. Warriors don’t always smile and try to make people happy. Warriors fight the good fight despite all odds, and they especially don’t give a crap if their enemies don’t like them.

I’m sure you know this stuff. I just wanted to let you know that every time some group of suits boos you, there’s thousands of us cheering at the same time.

♫♩Go Barry, go Barry….


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